20 06  
EU roaming charges abolished 
Which means you save money when using your mobile abroad! 
As you may or may not know, new EU legislation came into being as of the 15th of June which gives mobile users the ability to use their package allowances while travelling throughout Europe at no extra cost... 
01 04  
Say hello to an old friend, and meet their sexy sister... 
The Nokia 3310 is back!  
Everyone's favourite old-school mobile is back on the block, and he's brought his sexy new sister along to the party too. We get cosy with our old chum the 3310 and take a look at the all-new Nokia 6 smartphone... 
31 03  
What are the new rules for mobiles when driving? 
The laws have changed. 
If you're not sure about the new rules for using your mobile when driving, then we can help to put your mind at rest and make sure that you stay on the right side of the law... 
31 03  
Get super snoopy with your old handset 
Upgraded your smartphone and not sure what to do with your old handset? Don't worry. I spy with my little eye a great way to make use of your old phone and improve the levels of security at your business premises at the same time ... 
02 08  
Off to Rio for the Games this summer? 
If you're flying to Brazil to cheer on your Great British heroes, then O2 have a great double data offer! 
While Usain Bolt is whizzing round the running track and smashing more world records, O2 users in the crowd with a Worldwide Data Bolt On will automatically get double data... 
02 08  
Get your hands on a super-sexy Samsung J-3! 
There's a new handset on the block this summer - and it's just the job when it comes to giving your business communications a stylish, technological edge.  
We decided to have a look at Samsung's Galaxy J3 - so hang on to your ice lollies and see what we found out... 
27 07  
Trump - Apple chump or top of the tree? 
The Trump presidential campaign rolls relentlessly onwards, and many don't know whether to laugh or cry.  
Let's not forget, the keys to the White House could soon be in the hands of the guy who tweeted to the world to "boycott all Apple products" - using his iPhone... 
18 07  
Save your business serious money this summer! 
Life's a beach when you get Range Communications working on the best deals for you and your business!  
With years of experience in mobile communications, landlines and broadband - Range Communications can help your business to save some serious money across the summer months and beyond... 
06 07  
Want to avoid nuisance calls on your mobile phone? 
When is your mobile phone as annoying as a summertime wasp? 
Answer: when a nuisance call breaks your peace! 
Nuisance calls claiming to be able to sort your PPI or offering insurance for 'that injury you had' are a frustrating side-effect of being so contactable these days... 
25 05  
Where do you put your mobile when wearing a bikini? 
There might be a solution coming your way in the near future! 
You know the problem - you're on the beach and you're looking glorious. Naturally, you want to show off to the world and it's wife how goddamn amazing your holiday is... 
08 04  
How to use WiFi calling on your iPhone for business 
At Range Communications, we love to share hints and tips to help you get the most out of your business smartphones! So here's how to use WiFi Calling on your iPhone... 
18 02  
We just LOVE to help your business save money! 
We're your perfect match - and we'd love you to save money with us! From mobile communications, landlines and broadband - Range Communications can help you to save so much money on your monthly outgoings to enable your business to have more spare cash when you need it most... 
15 02  
The Blackberry PRIV - making you feel loved this February... 
At Range Communications we work hard to make you feel special, loved and appreciated. Well, somebody has to, don't they? 
So we'd like to introduce you to a sexy little number that's bound to get you hot under the collar this Valentine's: the Blackberry PRIV... 
17 12  
Ciao bella! Euro MPs to scrap mobile roaming charges 
Great news if you're someone who uses their phone while abroad: mobile phone roaming charges in the EU are to be scrapped by the middle of 2017 after new rules were formally approved by MEPs... 
15 12  
Are you being blocked online? Computer (or mobile) says no? 
If you're finding that your internet service provider is blocking certain websites, (and disabling content blocking via the normal means isn't working) then we can help you gain access. We show you how... 
21 11  
Avoid spending a fortune on your iPhone bills... 
Have you used Wi-Fi Assist recently on your Apple handset? It was issued as part of the iOS9 update and is supposed to ensure that users have the strongest internet connection possible at all times - but it does this by switching to Mobile Data if the Wi-Fi signal is weak... 
21 11  
We've got a Range of ways to save you money... 
We most certainly do - and we'd love you to take advantage of them! From mobile communications, landlines and broadband - Range Communications can help you to save a huge wodge on your monthly outgoings to help you make your business a slicker and more cost-effective operation. 
12 05  
How to back up your phone 
While we're all busily spring-cleaning our homes and offices, it's vitally worthwhile that we take a moment to spring clean our phones too. 
You might initially feel put-off about the idea, worrying that it might be a little too complicated... 
13 07 
These apps are the business! 
Improve your productivity and efficiency (with a little help from us!) 
If you have a business of your own, you want to be sure that your mobiles and tablets are optimised with the best apps out there to keep things running smoothly, efficiently and productively while you're on the move. So, being the helpful types we are, we compiled a little list of the best business apps currently out there. Take a look... 
05 07 
Save money when using your mobile phone abroad 
It's time to pack the suitcase and head off for a few week's worth of rest in sunnier climes - away from all the stress of the office. However, you don't want to be stressed out while away too - so here are some canny hints and tips to help you make the most of your time away courtesy of your very own mobile phone... 
27 06 
In Case of Emergencies this summer - stay cool 
As many of us head off on holiday, the last thing we want to think about is ending up in some form of emergency while we're away from home. While recent tragic events upon the beaches of Tunisia are far from the norm, it is worthwhile taking every possible precaution to ensure that loved ones can be contacted easily and quickly should you need someone to call them on your behalf... 
27 06 
It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Bling! 
Mmm... now we're talking. Mobile phones - and shiny things. Two of the things we love the most! And in 2013, gold-coloured smartphones really caught on. Apple caught the eye with their 'champagne' coloured iPhone, while Samsung gave us the Galaxy Golden - a funky little flip-top number with a Smartphone inside. HTC went even further and let rip with an HTC-1 in an 18-carat gold version! Surely the ultimate in phone-bling... but good luck if you fancy getting your mitts on one of those. Only five are ... 
22 11 
Guide to Energy Contracts for Businesses 
How to Get the Best Deal on Your Business Utility Bill 
At Range Communications we've put together some information that could help you to save money with your business utility bills - both for this winter and beyond. You should bear in mind that business energy contracts operate differently to residential energy contracts. Suppliers can impose far more onerous terms and conditions which are not covered by consumer protection legislation. The contracts are often complicated, and the energy suppiers assume that you will understand them ...