Where do you put your phone when you're wearing a bikini? 

There might be a solution coming your way in the near future! 
You know the problem - you're on the beach and you're looking glorious. Naturally, you want to show off to the world and it's wife how goddamn amazing your holiday is (and make everyone back home pig-sick as they cry into their office laptops!) Or maybe you're just so business-focussed that you need to make a deal over the phone as you stroll along the sea-shore. Let's face it though girls, the bikini is not a place to be storing you phone! And no, chaps - your Speedos are strictly for smuggling budgies in, not carrying your mobile about! 
However, Lenovo may have a solution - and it's not just a case of when, but wear! That's right - the world's first wearable mobile phone is on the way. Looking like a normal smartphone, this piece of tech is more flexible than the average. Designed to wrap around your wrist, it saves you the bother of having to carry your phone around in a bag or pocket and represents the latest in wearable tech. Hot on its heels comes a tablet design which works on a similar principle to bend and contort into a book-like format. Here - take a look in this video
While these are only prototypes at the moment, we're incredibly excited. You can guarantee that when they are available, we'll be first in line to get out hands (and our wrists!) on one so we that we can review it and make it available to you! 
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